3rd Grade: Veggies Over Sriracha Fried Rice, Apple-Pear Butter Bread, Hibiscus-Orange Iced Tea

“It’s spicy but I can take it.”
“My stomach is burning but I want more!”
“It tastes really good at first and then the spiciness hits later!”

Those are some of the comments the kids made about the sriracha fried rice. The Sriracha-Style Hot Sauce is made from the garden’s cayenne peppers and its flavor doesn’t overpower like the way the store-bought one does.

The garden is slow growing and until I get my hands on some good compost, all I can do now is harvest a little bit of every type of green for the tastings. Here we have beet greens, russian kale, nasturtium leaves, french sorrel, collard greens and some radish greens. Some kids from Chai’s class stayed away when they heard the word ‘beets’. That’s unfortunate because beet greens is a dark, leafy superfood that tastes like spinach. Get the Sriracha Fried Rice recipe here.

To tame the heat, I prepared an iced tea (known in Mexico and Central America as Jamaica) made from the flower of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It makes a colorful red-purple drink that is a little tart, a little sweet, and very similar to cranberry. Caffeine-free, with anti-inflamatory properties and a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. One day I will grow this in the garden. Get the recipe here.

And for something sweet, I made a quick bread with the apple-pear butter and smeared the sugar-free fruity jam over it.