1st Grade: Amending Soil & Seed Planting

The four planters in front of the kindergarten area had been untouched for over a year. The soil was nutrient depleted, root bound, and nothing was able to grow. The beginning of February, Mary Loughlin and I decided to tackle the revival of these planters. Marie, from 4th grade, sent two students to help when she saw me working a planter with a hoe and Mary dropped in that day with a tiller!

I was so excited that Kathi, from 1st grade, wanted to incorporate planting seeds in the garden into her lessons. I picked up bags of soil donations from local nurseries and on April 1st, led an outdoor mini lesson with all the first graders. They learned about the importance of good soil, got their hands dirty amending it and planted seeds (lettuce, chives, cilantro, radishes, carrots). Can’t wait to have them taste the harvest!