Kindergarten: Blanched Veggies with a Dill-Parsley Dip, Pickled Chard Stem, Apple-Pear Cider, Fruit Leather

The veggies in our school garden are growing very slowly and I didn’t have much for the tasting I was planning. I decide to contact UC Master Gardener Eleu at The Learning Garden and was hoping to get some chard and lettuce to supplement what I had. I was blown away by the generous support as I left with an amazing assortment of organic vegetables. Thank you Eleu for helping us expand the kids’ awareness of food and nutrition.

The veggies were so beautiful, I just had to showcase them as is. Broccoli, fava beans, white and purple carrots, raw Chioggia beet, pickled chard stem, with a tangy dill-parsley dip. The kids ooh and aahed as I explained what they were about to eat. And for something sweet, a chilled sugar-free, apple-pear cider and homemade fruit leather were great ways to use up the Breakfast In The Classroom fruits.

Here is a hilarious reaction to the dip but the important thing is that he tried it!