4th Grade: Spicy Bean Chili, Mini Peach-Plum Jam Tart

I wish these beautiful chiles poblanos were grown in our school garden but I’m sure the wildlife would’ve gotten to it first. Our garden is waiting for soil amendment and for the hot weather to cool down before starting our Fall planting. Thanks once again to Master Gardener Eleu for his Veggie Wednesday Program at The Learning Garden in Venice and helping us continue our tastings even when our garden is on hold. Chiles poblanos have the heat that is between a jalapeño and a bell pepper. Its earthy flavor elevates a hearty slow cooked pot of bean chili. The kids simply could not get enough. They were blocking the door asking for seconds! Here is the recipe for the Spicy Bean Chili. And for something semi-sweet, the cute Mini Peach-Plum Jam Tart. The leftover fruits from breakfast in the classroom are great to turn into jams or fruit butter. The flavor of the peach and the tartness of the plum is a deadly combo. You won’t be able to stop eating it!