Fall Planting Day 2016

October 13, 2016. The weather cooled down and it was the perfect time to plant our cool season veggies. A full day event that involved one class per grade (the class that didn’t have enrichment at the time), approximately 136 kids, that helped add fresh planting mix into the containers and planted seeds and seedlings.

I want to give a huge thanks to the organizations and people that made this Fall Planting Day possible:

The Kitchen Community, for providing continuous support and equipping us with seedlings, seeds, garlic, seed info and planting tips, worm casting and hosting a workshop to help us have a successful planting with the kids. Thank you  Celeste, Julia and Margarita!

C&S Nursery, for delivering a truck load of planting mix that allowed us to top off 16 planters. Our soil has been nutrient depleted and we would not have been able to do this Fall Planting without this important and generous donation. Thank you Cris!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, for the exciting vegetable varieties donated to our program. I’m very sure the kids have never seen a Black Spanish Radish, Chinese Red Meat Radish or Scarlet Kale before. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to introduce the vegetable varieties to them.

Orchard Supply Hardware, for donating garden materials to help us place a wildlife barrier in The Learning Garden. The wildlife devoured our summer crops so we are grateful to be able to protect all the hard work the kids put into the garden. Thank you Tony for your help and support!

The CMCS parents, Britta, Bronwyn, Joseph and Tamadhur. Thank you so much for committing a full day, leading groups of kids through the planting process and getting our garden started for the Fall! You were fantastic! Also, thank you to the teachers for being flexible with this event.

From behind the scenes, thank you Lynda for your time calling and obtaining garden donations for our program. You’re amazing! Zoi and Dian, thank you for helping me water the plants regularly! Grace, grant writing takes so much time, right?! Thank you for taking this on even with your busy schedule. John, thank you so much for taking on the huge task of re-thinking the greenhouse area. It’ll be exciting to see the possibilities of that space in the future.

Going over some garden rules before getting dirty! We planted bok choy, strawberries, onions, scarlet kale, black Spanish radish, Chinese red meat radish, snap peas, swiss chard, cilantro, oregano, thyme, broccoli, kale, and garlic. Thank you Britta (@brittaphoto) for the great shots of the event!