5th Grade: Basil Pesto Pasta, Banana Ice Cream

I often see teacher’s aides touch the Genovese Basil plant in passing to get a whiff of the fresh scent. The plant is growing happily and the kids were excited when I told them I was going to make pesto for their tasting. I learned after making it that I needed to blanch the leaves first to retain the bright green color because the paste had turned brown (due to oxidation) after I mixed it into the pasta. Kids didn’t care because the taste had them coming back for more. Get the Basil Pesto recipe.

For something sweet, I was really excited to try this Banana Ice Cream. I had collected pounds and pounds of excess bananas from the classrooms and froze them. I chose to make a Dark Chocolate (my favorite) and a Dulce Cinnamon ice cream. It’s healthy, easy to make and no ice cream machine needed. This tasting was a hit with the kids!