4th Grade: Vegetable Spring Roll, Fruit Leather

Some of the comments the kids made: “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” “This spring roll is so much better than the ones we get at the store.” “Not only does this look delicious, it also looks… Continue reading

3rd Grade: Veggies Over Sriracha Fried Rice, Apple-Pear Butter Bread, Hibiscus-Orange Iced Tea

“It’s spicy but I can take it.” “My stomach is burning but I want more!” “It tastes really good at first and then the spiciness hits later!” Those are some of the comments the kids made about the… Continue reading

2nd Grade: Rice Noodle Chicken Soup with Vegetables, Apple-Pear Crumble

The beets in the greenhouse are growing very slowly because the soil is in serious need of amendment. Instead of pulling them out I’m going to wait and continue to harvest the tender… Continue reading

1st Grade: Garden Greens-Cherry Tomato Quiche, Oatmeal Stuffed Baked Apples

As you can see, the nasturtium is overtaking one of the planters and I was trying to find other ways to use the leaves besides making pesto. Decided to make quiche by incorporating all… Continue reading

Kindergarten: Whole Wheat Pizza Rolls & Apple-Pear Crumble

Volunteer tomatoes have been growing over the winter break and I could no longer wait for them to ripen on the vine as I would find them half eaten on the ground, probably by gophers… Continue reading

5th Grade: Spicy White Bean Dip, Herbed Breadsticks, Dehydrated Fruit and Fruit Leather

Continuing on the spicy theme, this flavorful Asian inspired bean dip using the Homemade Sriracha-Style Hot Sauce was quick and easy to make. And since we have herbs growing, I just added them to the garlic… Continue reading

4th Grade: Kale Potato Sorrel Soup, Spicy Garlic Knots & Fruit Leather

Little by little, I harvested and filled two quart size bags of cayenne peppers from the garden but had no idea what to do with them. I was very excited to come across a Sriracha-style hot… Continue reading

3rd Grade: Apple-Pear Butter Hand Pie, Borage-Mint Lemonade

It’s great that the School Free Breakfast Program includes fresh fruit for each kid. But not every child eats it and this is a small example of the uneaten fruits I’ve collected from classrooms at… Continue reading

2nd Grade: Radish Leaf, Potato Soup & Radish, Bread and Butter

I must say, I was so surprised to see how much the kids L-O-V-E-D this tasting! I harvested Hailstone Radishes and Easter Egg Round Radishes from the garden and thought it would be great to highlight… Continue reading

1st Grade: Pumpkin Blossom & Roasted Pepper Quesadilla

Britta and I were amused by the kids’ commentaries on the quesadilla. Kid A: On a scale from 1-10, what would you give this food? Kid B: 100! Kid C: This is so spicy!!!… Continue reading

Kindergarten: Homemade Basil Noodles with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Pasta and tomato sauce… something familiar for the Kindergarteners. It was the perfect opportunity to learn how to make pasta and incorporate the basil leaves I’ve been freezing. The “pasta” was surprisingly easy to make but… Continue reading

5th Grade: Cheese & Roasted Peppers Panini, Pickled Green Tomatoes, Rosemary Orange Granita

It was all hands on deck for this tasting! We had an assembly line buttering bread, assembling, grilling, cutting the panini and scrapping the granita. Oh… but the cheesy goodness, spicy kick of… Continue reading

The Edible Schoolyard’s Program of the Week!

The Edible Schoolyard Project, founded by Alice Waters, featured our school garden as their program of the week on Oct. 2nd, 2015! You can still find it on their News & Events section.… Continue reading

4th Grade: Black-eyed Peas, Potato Tacos & Thai Basil Plum Granita

I had been looking forward to use the abundant cayenne peppers from the garden because the upper graders welcome the heat in their food. But after I finished making this taco filling, my 2nd grader… Continue reading

3rd Grade: Zucchini Pesto Soup & Zucchini Tomato Chips

I was shocked to find this giant zucchini minding its own business and hiding under some leaves! The kids thought it was a watermelon and were thrilled to hold it. After cutting it… Continue reading