2nd Grade: Salsa with Hungarian & Cayenne Peppers

I don’t have much room left in my freezer to preserve peppers, so salsa is the easiest way to highlight them fresh. Everyone loves salsa and chips! Get the recipe here.   Advertisements

Planting Day with The Kitchen Community

September 9. 100º heat. 159 kids. Parent volunteers. An amazing team from The Kitchen Community. It was a fantastic Planting Day! One class per grade rotated to install the irrigation system, moved the soil into… Continue reading

Black Eye Peas Harvest before Planting Day

Black Eye Peas were planted over the summer to keep the soil from being depleted of its nutrients. Before the official Planting Day with The Kitchen Community, we had to harvest and pull… Continue reading

1st Grade: Ratatouille & Thai Basil Plum Granita

“Thank you for the food! Can you make it again? I really liked it.”, said a 1st grader before going back to class. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the… Continue reading

Kindergarten: Cherry Tomato Bisque

“Everyone is talking about your soup!” “Can I take you home so you can cook for me?” “OMG… this is so good…” Those were some of the responses from the staff to the… Continue reading

The Learning Garden from The Kitchen Community

A big thanks to Mary Loughlin for writing and applying for this amazing grant in 2014! It is so exciting to see The Learning Garden finally here and installed in front of the… Continue reading

5th Grade: Swiss Chard and Potato Soup

My last tasting of the year! I will miss cooking for these 5th graders. Their excitement to eat made me smile every time. This soup is delicious, nutritious and easy to make. The first… Continue reading

4th Grade: Swiss Chard and Roasted Hungarian Pepper Bites

Found puff pastry bites on sale and they made the perfect bite for the kids. For convenience, I roasted  and froze Hungarian and spicy Cherry peppers after its harvest. Once I harvested enough Chard for… Continue reading

3rd Grade: Salsa with Chocolate Peppers

Beautiful Chocolate Peppers. They are sweeter than the regular bell peppers and the kids always ask if they are made out of chocolate. For a little kick in the salsa, I added Cayenne… Continue reading

2nd Grade: Roasted Green Beans and Potatoes with Cilantro Chimichurri

Kid’s quote of the day: “It didn’t look good at first but it’s delicious!”. They are always encouraging and excited to try everything I cook for them. And they sure loved the potatoes… Continue reading

1st Grade: Roasted Green Beans & Potatoes with Cilantro Chimichurri

Cilantro is so easy to grow and Chimichurri is a fantastic way to use it! Served with roasted veggies over a bed of Oak Leaf Lettuce…. Oh, this was such a hit with the kids!… Continue reading

Kindergarten: Marinated Raw Green Beans and Snap Peas salad

Fanahi asked,”Do you guys want to try a green beans salad?” And the majority of Kinder said,”NOOOO.” Hahaha. Well, maybe next year. But it’s still great that a handful of them tried it!… Continue reading

5th Grade: Nasturtium Leaf Pesto Pasta

Nasturtiums are everywhere and regarded as ornamentals but not only do they help attract aphids away from vegetables, the leaf and flowers are edible. They contain high amounts of mustard oils similar to wasabi… Continue reading

4th Grade: Marinated Raw Green Beans & Snap Peas

This salad really brings out the sweetness of freshly harvested green beans and snap peas. The kids thought it looked beautiful and were really excited about the edible flowers. Get the recipe here.

3rd Grade: Roasted Peppers & Cauliflower, Radish, Arugula Salad

Everything is from the garden except for the cauliflower. Roasted spicy peppers go great with Garam Masala spiced cauliflower (which the kids loved)! Aren’t the colors beautiful? Get the recipe here.