2nd Grade: Swiss Chard, Snow Peas Fried Rice & Sweet Pickled Radish

Kid’s quote of the day: “I’m in fried rice heaven!” The beauty of fried rice is that you can add anything and it’ll taste good. Advertisements

1st Grade: Rainbow Chard & Roasted Peppers Turnover

This is¬†a late post. The kids enjoyed this tasting on January 23. It was a little spicy for some of them but those that enjoyed the turnovers, decided to take some home for… Continue reading

Kindergarten: Salsa with Roasted Hungarian Wax Peppers

Yum… adding garlic and roasted peppers… Not the usual way I make salsa but still very delicious! It’s a success when the kids ask for seconds. ūüôā Get the recipe here.

Transplanting before the Thanksgiving break

These wonderful 4th graders are always ready to get their hands dirty!

5th Grade: Spicy Salsa Tasting

They were so excited to hear that the salsa was spicy. I added 7 habaneros and it was just the perfect amount of tingling on the tongue. Get the recipe here.

4th Grade: And Yet Another Successful Salsa Tasting

Kids just love salsa! This time I brought some heat with a habanero but it turned out to be very mild despite my hands burning after handling it. Get the recipe here.

amazing greenhouse harvest

The plants love the green house. Full sun and protected. I learned so much from Mary Loughlin, our previous garden coordinator. Her “style” of gardening was¬†very much the french intensive philosophy in which¬†you… Continue reading

1st grade: kale salad harvest and tasting

Kale, broccoli, cucumber and edible flowers with a soy sesame dressing. The kids were so excited to eat flowers! Get the recipe here.

kindergarten: first kale chips tasting

Seasoned with olive oil and Hawaiian garlic salt, these were a hit with both kids and faculty! Some kids didn’t want to try it at first but after watching their peers crumble it… Continue reading

kindergarten worm project

Kindergarteners amend soil and learn about earthworms with their Book Buddies.

Pest Control

Animals have found their way¬†into the greenhouse. Wild rabbit, squirrel, raccoon? They bit through the netting and ate the okra seedlings, the green beans and took bites off the eggplant. We will need… Continue reading

Eager Helpers

Recess or lunch time, they are always eager to help.

2nd Grade: Pico de Gallo Tasting

The peppers are flourishing in the greenhouse. We have chocolate peppers, hungarian wax peppers, and habaneros. The pepper variety really elevated the flavors in¬†this Pico de Gallo. One girl said she didn’t like… Continue reading

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Kale Smoothie & Salad

The summer heat was brutal.¬†The kale and green beans were the least affected over the summer break so why not kick off the school year with a kale smoothie and salad to beat… Continue reading